Season-1 has been sold out in less than 72h since it launched on 20.08 2021!

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The order in which the PXLZ are displayed on this page is the order in which they will drop during Season-1 (from left to right). It is referred to as "The PXL chain". This information is publicly available before, during & after the sale event.

How does it work?

There are 3333 DEADPXLZ NFTs available in Season 1 as follows:

3 LEGENDARY, 5 ALIEN, 11 WOLF, 15 VAMPIRE, 24 REPTILE & 3275 PXLZ of type DEAD with various attribute rarity ranges (visible on each card available on this webpage & embedded within each PXL NFT)

All 3 Legendary PXLZ featured in Season-1 are chosen by the DEADPXLZ Discord community via anonymous vote!

You can explore the entire PXL NFT collection here 👉

You can buy a PXL NFT by clicking the BUY button in the upper-right corner of this webpage once the sale goes live. Please take the time & familiarize yourself with all Season-1 mechanics before engaging in a transaction!


Click/tap on any unsold PXL on this webpage to open the NFT in a new tab. 😎

Upon loading the website, the next drop is automatically focused into view. You can then scroll/swipe through the cards freely.

👀 Got your eyes on a specific PXL? Type its ID in the 'JUMP TO PXL#' field & then click/tap 'GO'. This will automatically focus the screen on that PXL, regardless if it's been sold or not.

Click/tap on the "NEXT DROP" button located in the upper area of this website in order to automatically focus the view on the PXL NFT that is set to drop next.

Clicking/tapping on the "SETTINGS" button next to it will bring up a menu with 2 checkbox options

Enable AUTOFOCUS to automatically update your screen focus on the next PXL drop in real-time. This will bring the screen back to the next drop once a PXL has been pulled.

Enabling INTERACTIVE mode brings all PXLZ in the PXL Chain to life, in true interactive form.

❤️ Not enough? If you hover your cursor over a PXL & click on the 🔥 in the upper-right corner it will automatically mark it as a favorite so that it can easily pop out while scrolling through the stack. Yes, it's refresh-persistent!

Want to know more about the Jackpot? Read below or click/tap the 'NEXT JACKPOT' button to focus the view on the upcoming Jackpot card 🏆.

All information on this webpage (including the SOLD status & number of pulled PXLZ) updates in real time without you having to refresh the page so if you have your sights set on a specific PXL, be on your tippy-toes as another person might nab it before!


INSTA-DROPS are the premium drop feature of Season-1.

Unlike regular drops, they cost 5 ADA more and only award 🍀LUCK perks.

HOWEVER, INSTA-DROPPING PXLZ does not require you to sign transactions for each purchase.

You can also use INSTA-DROPS on your mobile by logging in via the S-1 username panel on your computer.

Purchase up to 10 INSTA-DROPS at a time and use them whenever you want during S-1.

All unspent INSTA-DROPS will be refunded once Season-1 ends with 1 ADA cost in transaction fees. Drops are assigned in the order presented on-screen, from left to right. Drop speed is based on internet speed and geographical location.


PXLZ that feature the '🍀+1 LUCK' indication below their card give one chance of dropping any of the 3 DEADPXLZ Season-1 Jackpots.

LUCK is attributed to the original buyer and is not transferable. The LUCK that a user has accumulated is preserved throughout all Season-1, regardless if they keep the tokens that brought it or not.

Roughly 17.5% out of the base PXL price represents Jackpot contribution.

Each of the 3 Jackpot draws will take place up to 1 day after all previous PXLZ have dropped, at 19:00 UTC & it will be broadcast LIVE on the DEADPXLZ Discord in order to assure full transparency.

During a draw, a random wallet address out of all Season-1 participating addresses will be selected.

The corresponding Jackpot prize will then be sent to that address.

Using Nami in S-1

Nami is the first Cardano wallet which enables developers to provide dApp-like user experience.

This is the only Cardano wallet which can be used in Season-1.

Other wallets like Yoroi or Daedalus do not provide the required technology for Season-1 to be possible (ie. Power-ups, Bonus Drops, Energy Boosts) and as such, would take away the bulk of the social/interactive aspect that S-1 was built around.

With this said, the only disadvantage with Nami is that it is only available on PC browsers like Google Chrome, Brave or Microsoft Edge.

But worry not, mobile users, a solution for you to engage with S-1 from your phones is in the works and will be delivered before the sale starts.

Check out the Nami Wallet website for extra info.

Make sure to check out the DEADPXLZ privacy policy as well.

Thank you!🙏

To all current and future PXL holders out there for supporting the project.️

To the Cardano artist community for sticking together, inspiring and encouraging each other.️

To anyone who had something to say about this project, be it good or bad.

Any feedback or questions you might have are very welcome & you can send them out on the Discord server here:


-AF, the creator of DEADPXLZ

📱 Please rotate your device.